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More than 40% of Fortune 100 companies secure their cloud with Wiz

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One Platform That Sees and Protects your entire Cloud Environment

Wiz connects to every cloud environment, scans every layer, and covers every aspect of your cloud security - including elements that normally require installing agents.

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Siloed Security Solutions only get part of the picture.

When you use a different tool for each cloud security challenge, you miss out on the most important thing in cloud security: context.

siloed tools cost you time

Protecting Your Cloud Environments Requires a Unified, Cloud Native Platform.

Wiz connects in minutes via API and achieves full coverage across PaaS resources, virtual machines, containers, and serverless functions. It scales to any cloud environment with zero impact on resource or workload performance.

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Toxic Combination Alert!

When Wiz says it’s Critical, it actually is.

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Wiz Cloud operating platform

Straightforward, Intuitive Cloud Clarity


Agentless Scanning

Wiz connects to the cloud APIs. We support almost any virtualized compute platform out there: AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Kubernetes, VMware, and more.

It’s an agentless connection, just a simple API connection, but one that gets insights you’d usually need agents for.


Security Graph

The Wiz Security Graph provides contextual insights that proactively and systematically identify toxic combinations of real risk and attack paths into your cloud so you can proactively reduce your attack surface.

Focus on what Matters

Toxic Combinations

Proactively and systemically eliminate risk by focusing on the issues that actually matter. Wiz analyzes configurations, vulnerabilities, network and identities to discover the critical issues that combined represent the real risk.


Sec/Dev Workflow

Projects let you segment your cloud environments based on different accounts, subscriptions, tags, resource groups, kubernetes clusters, etc. This allows you to group resources by business logic and assign role-based access to them accordingly - so that dev teams get direct access using SSO, to their part of the infrastructure.

"Rather than spending time creating tickets, Wiz allows the security team to spend more time on strategic work, such as ensuring new acquisitions running in AWS meet Priceline’s standards."

Andrew McKenna
Cloud Security Architect

"Wiz has paid for the five years subscription in a matter of one week."

Igor Tsyganskiy

“Wiz’s agentless solution was able to get us 100% coverage quickly and at scale. Wiz gives us the contextual view of risks in our environment so we can properly understand and prioritize them based on our knowledge of what’s critical.”

Brad Abel
Enterprise and Principal Security Architect

“Wiz’s product was able to consolidate five key capabilities that we felt were important to securing our cloud environment using a single platform.”

Melody Hildebrant
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These Companies Already Achieved Cloud Clarity with Wiz.

Emily Heath
Former CISO  |  DocuSign

“The instant, out-of-the  box visibility and risk reduction Wiz provides make it one of the best security tools I've seen in a long time.”

Igor Tsyganskiy
CTO  |  Bridgewater

“The cloud went from being our least understood to our most understood space, and that was entirely due to Wiz.”

Adam Fletcher
CSO  |  Blackstone

“The Wiz platform is the consolidation of tools across all the security domains we've identified as must-do to protect our cloud workloads.”

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“The speed and accuracy of Wiz was amazing.”

Yaron Slutzky,
CISO | Agoda

"I have not seen anything else right now that can give you as big of an impact as Wiz."

Igor Tsyganskiy,
CTO Bridgewater

“Integrating Wiz and getting it running in our complex cloud environment was an easy task.”

Nethanel Moshkovitz,
Director of DevOps Yotpo